mercoledì 30 aprile 2014

martedì 29 aprile 2014

The Hub Lift

elevator lift is a device with fixed installation serving specific levels, having a car moving along guides which are rigid and inclined at an angle greater than 15 degrees, intended for the transport of persons or objects. Today is HUB's lift

lunedì 28 aprile 2014

The Hub Tower

In computing and telecommunications, technology, computer networks, a hub is a hub or a network device that acts as a node for sorting data in a data communication network organized mainly with a star topology.

domenica 27 aprile 2014

Giuseppe "Joseph" Missori, MI.

Giuseppe Missori was born in Moscow to parents of Bologna. During his life, he participated in numerous battles for the unification of Italy. Of republican faith, fought in the 5 days of Milan. Then in 1859 he enlisted in the "Guide to Horse" by Giuseppe Garibaldi, the second war of independence, and was appointed official. In 1860 parts Garibaldi's expedition of the Thousand under the command of 24 guides. Also courageously saved the lives of Garibaldi in Milazzo.

sabato 26 aprile 2014

Dr. Zapi

Dr. Zapi tips, dilute in ten liters of water- Insect repellent

venerdì 25 aprile 2014

mercoledì 23 aprile 2014

Cappella dei Principi [SanLorenzo][FI]

It was designed by Cosimo I, but its implementation is due to his successor Ferdinand I, who commissioned the architect Matteo Nigetti 1604 to a design by Don Giovanni de 'Medici, brother of the Grand Duke. The same Buontalenti intervened by changing part of the project. Mosaic of the emblem of Florence, the Chapel of the Princes. The dazzling splendor is given by the rich Florentine mosaic inlay, for the realization of which was created the Precious stones. This art, which is still practiced mainly in the decoration of furniture and vases, found here its peak, although the funereal tone of the work made ​​him choose the colors more muted and dark with porphyry and granite.

venerdì 18 aprile 2014

Excelsior Escalator

Former Cinema Excelsior- Fashion, beauty, accessories, food and design mingle together in the historic building at Galleria del Corso 4, in the heart of milan; now completely renovated by acclaimed starchitect, jean nouvel.

giovedì 17 aprile 2014

Velasca Tower

Velasca Tower is a skyscraper in Milan, located in the homonymous square, south of the Cathedral. The name, derived from pre-existing name, is linked to the Spanish governor Juan Fernández de Velasco, in which the square was dedicated in the seventeenth century.

mercoledì 16 aprile 2014

Via Torino, MI

Via Torino is one of the shopping street in Milan, near Duomo cathedral. There're also tram track, enjoy.

martedì 15 aprile 2014

SanBaBila Miniture,MI

Seasonal Trip to Milano for Design and Fashion, provost of the collegiate church San Babila miniature

domenica 13 aprile 2014

Margherita Diploide

Leucanthemum Vulgare, is a herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family very common in the meadows of the Italian peninsula.

mercoledì 9 aprile 2014

JackO Jump (or not?)

Might as well jump. jump! Might as well jump. Go ahead, jump. jump! Go ahead jump.

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keep the product out of the reach and sight of children

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