lunedì 31 marzo 2014

Gnam Wasp Gnam

Spring is finally here, eat wasp eat [spring,spring]

venerdì 28 marzo 2014

Prof. Ferdinando Zannetti [House, FI]

Was a physician, surgeon and academic Italian. It is especially famous for having cured the leg of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

giovedì 27 marzo 2014

martedì 25 marzo 2014

Turret [in beautiful look ,FI]

@ BELLOSGUARDO, is an area of ​​Florence, located in the south-west, located on a small hill from where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the oldest and most important of the city.

lunedì 24 marzo 2014

domenica 23 marzo 2014

sabato 22 marzo 2014

venerdì 21 marzo 2014

lunedì 17 marzo 2014

venerdì 14 marzo 2014

Dog's Life

area under video surveillance denied entry for dogs

mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

Mr. Nappy

Yorkshire terrier, pinscher, dachshund,maltese, shih-tsu, poodle, schnauzer, pomeranian, west highland white terrier

mercoledì 5 marzo 2014