lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

PO Est

Prato (PO) Est in which sense? In latin (to be) or in geographic (east) meaning?

domenica 30 gennaio 2011

Communist Cap

Scythe and hammer, the terrible symbol stands stuck on the bus stop defying the past. But past doesn't stop here anymore, not even on request.

sabato 29 gennaio 2011

The Dome

"The dome", sounds almost the same in local language, which is "I' ddòmo". On the right, the famous Donatello's pulpito.

venerdì 28 gennaio 2011

Traffic in Mercatalz

This city has many problems, one of these is the traffic...

giovedì 27 gennaio 2011

Justice's stairs

Maybe you don't know that Prato's palace of justice was built on a 70's american prison project. Enjoy now the superb internal stair system and imagine Sly Stallone in Lock Up walking on the crossing searching for the wicked director Donald Sutherland.

martedì 25 gennaio 2011

The good boy

If you're looking for a good boy in Prato, maybe you can call this "ragazzo bono", probably very cool, who knows it?...

lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

The Final Countdown

This superb modern art masterpiece counts the time remains to... to... boh?

domenica 23 gennaio 2011

Behind the sun

Behind the sun or facing the sun?... respect our sun, what we'll be without Him?...

sabato 22 gennaio 2011

Upgrade Yourself

Like Einstein was usual to say, think positive, try to do your best, and go ever ahead...

venerdì 21 gennaio 2011


Many people here once were named Fabrizio, maybe because Prato once was full of Fabrics, I really don't know...

giovedì 20 gennaio 2011

Holy Symbol

In this nichilist's time... at the end there'll be only one, BrunchOne. Stand up for Mozarella Brothers Nunzio & Carmelito!

mercoledì 19 gennaio 2011

Emperor's Castle

It is the northernmost castle built for the medieval emperor and King of Sicily Frederick II. And maybe you need to know this for something..

lunedì 17 gennaio 2011

Red Furies

Here we are in the ShoppingCenter called Parco Prato, seems to be in the far eastern europe. Where cement & asphalt rules!

domenica 16 gennaio 2011


This is a typical 70' street furniture. Never seen anybody on it. Useless-

venerdì 14 gennaio 2011

giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

martedì 11 gennaio 2011

Messy Parking

C'è da spostare una macchina! C'è da spostare una macchina! Disk-jockey, c'è da spostare una macchina .Venga fuori qualcuno che da solo non ce la faccio a farcela! E basta! Quella macchina qua devi metterla là. Quella macchina là devi metterla qua. Quaaaaa.Quella macchina qua devi metterla là. E' un diesel! E' un diesel!

lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

giovedì 6 gennaio 2011

Ancient but unuseful walls

Le antiche mura non sono bastate a tenere fuori gli invasori.

domenica 2 gennaio 2011

Korea's walking like James Dean

E' sempre il Korea, sì. In versione James Dean mani in tasca nell'inverno. Uguale proprio.